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I had to escape to the kitchen before I gave myself away. I recognized Mark the minute he walked through the door to the arm of my husbands boss, Constance. I'd seen Mark's picture on Sex in Oregon, and had emailed him simply the night before! My husband Edgar knows I fuck around when hes out of town on business. I wondered if Mark had read his email before his date tonight. Maybe Mark met Constance on Sex in Oregon! Edgar came into the kitchen with Mark. Need a drink honey? he asked. Of course I did. Edgar filled my glass and asked Mark to grab a tray of appetizers while he took the drinks. Mark followed him, but returned alone a few minutes afterwards. Theyre talking shop, so I said I'd see if you needed any help. He was smooth. I blushed and checked the roast within the oven. You're even hotter than your photograph, Mark said from right behind me. I stood up and turned around to face him. Dont worry, I wont tell Constance. How will you think I met her? he laughed. Before I realized what was happening Mark was playing with my nipples. They're outside on the deck, we've got time for a quickie, he teased. He then kissed me. I undid his belt and pulled his prick free. It was heavy in my hand, much bigger than Edgar's prick. Marks fingers squirmed beneath the silky material of my thong. He finger-fucked me then said turn about and grab the counter. I spun around and Mark grabbed my ass. So great, he murmured as he slid his enormous prick between my cheeks. He shoved his prick head past my wet lips. I moaned as Mark slid his solid prick inside, impaling me with one stroke. Getting fucked while my husband and his boss were only a few rooms away was such an incredible turn on that I came within a few minutes. Mark laughed and smacked my ass. He fucked me really hard for several more minutes before pulling out. I lapped up his cum, not wanting to leave any hint on my skin. Youd better get back to them, I said, and handed him another tray of appetizers. All through dinner Mark was a gentleman. After Mark and Constance left I told Edgar everything. He made me tell him again while fucking me in the kitchen, like Mark had, Sex in Oregon style.


Girls From Portland Oregon

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Erika: Athletic Woman Seeking Men, Women For sex And More...
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Jacqueline: I'm Bored, Wanna Play?
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Marla: Tired of the limp dicks. Maybe you'll be different??
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Ivy just wants Girls From Portland Oregon
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Christy: Give it all you got
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